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Thank you for visiting DL Sites and my Movies that I Wrote, Produced and Directed . Ripple is a Science Fiction story about the consequences of what would happen if a large star that was in close proximity to our solar system were to implode on itself. If the gamma rays radiation did not kill all life on earth how would the ‘Ripple’ in the Space/Time Continuum that Einstein postulated effect mankind?

On one level The Bumbling Detective is a non-sensible comedy about a Clouseau type character as he hopelessly tries to complete his mission of following a strange lady to find out what she was handed in the graveyard. Or is The Bumbling Detective an allegory about a pre-puberty boy in his awkward pursuit of sexual knowledge?

Welcome to Kentuckiana is an edgy satire film dealing with the absurdity of homophobia and stereotypes. Prejudice is prejudice whether it is based on where a person lives, their dialect, their ethnic background or their ‘lifestyle’. America doesn’t have a monopoly on homophobia but we have shamefully perfected and encouraged the practice of homophobia. This film is not making fun of folks who live in Southern Indiana, it is examining why it seems to be ‘human nature’ to be prejudice against other people who happen to be ‘difference’. It also looks at the role the media has played perpetuating stereotypes.

Losers Lounge is murder mystery set in 1948 that follows the perplexing and often seedy life of a private detective who is accused of murdering a troubled young lady with a dark history. Losers Lounge is a dark and mysterious movie that lives on the edge and tells a story of shady characters, crooked cops, switched love and bad luck, a darker side of human nature, a film noir-style murder mystery at its best.

The Report is a semi-abstract narrative science fiction short movie about a government cover-up of evidence of an advance civilization that sent a monitoring device to Earth over two million years ago. It shows the length the government is willing to go to keep the information secret and out of the public hands.

Somewhere In Indiana is a story of discovery and acceptance. It is a feature length drama that magnifies the journey of self-discovery, as Adam, Jane, Sam, and Dan travel to Fairview, Indiana, the hometown of screen legend, Eddie Ray, and are forced to face their inner struggles when they encounter a mysterious stranger along the way.

Eddie Ray died in 1957 at the age of 24 in a tragic motorcycle accident on his way to a cycle race. In his brief career he stared in three movies, The Very Tall Texan, Southwest of Paradise, and his most famous film Rebel Without a Reason. The influence he had on his generation increased his popularity, which extends into the present day.

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