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Ripple Short Movie Ripple Press Kit


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Thank you for visiting DL Sites and my first movie that I wrote, produced and directed, Ripple.

On one level Ripple is a Science Fiction story about the consequences of what would happen if a large star that was in close proximity to our solar system were to implode on itself. If the gamma rays radiation did not kill all life on earth how would the ‘Ripple’ in the Space/Time Continuum that Einstein postulated effect mankind? The last three people on earth struggle with the altered reality they face, as one by one they disappear from the universe. Or do they?

On another level the movie asks, are we real? What is the meaning of life and death, and the universal question, which remains unanswered? Why?

The Voiceover of the Professor at the end posses a disturbing question for the viewer to contemplate ‘Perhaps a large ripple has hit the earth before, and the human mind forces us to forget the experience. Those poor souls who do remember, we label as psychotic and lock them up. Or then maybe the ripple moves everyone to a higher plain, or a new universe.’

A public screening of Ripple was held on August 27, 2002 at Key Cinemas, Indianapolis, for cast and crew and the general public.

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