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Somewhere in Indiana

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Thank you for visiting DL Sites and my fourth movie that I wrote, produced and directed, Somewhere In Indiana, producted in 2004.

Somewhere In Indiana was my most ambitious project. The movie was shot in 19 locations. With afeatured cast of 31 outstanding actors and 24 extras.

Somewhere In Indiana is a story of discovery and acceptance. It is a feature length drama that magnifies the journey of self-discovery, as Adam, Jane, Sam, and Dan travel to Fairview, Indiana, the hometown of screen legend, Eddie Ray, and are forced to face their inner struggles when they encounter a mysterious stranger along the way.

The movie is full of complex symbolism and allegorical events including a drag race, suppressed childhood memories, adultery, modern day pilgrimages and the meaning of life and death. The story deals with contemporary issues like mixed marriage, cultural and racial diversity, gay cohabitation, self acceptance, and the daily alienation faced by many.

There were incredible performances by the lead actors Jason Kistler, Reg Land, B.J. Whetstine, Janet Vuong, Wes Pollock and a stellar performance by supporting actors Colin Alexander, Jeff Angel, David Briggs, Tiffany Bullock, Robert Charlock, Katie Dawson, Jim Dougherty, John Franz, Victoria Floro, Jane Ford, Chera Federle, Ausby Larkin Jr, Larry Laverty, Kristine Logan, Danny Marks, Marquela Merritt, Thomas Alan Orr, Adrienne Reiswerg, Luke Renn, Jennifer Reyes, Suzanne Sadler, Cassandra Schomer, Tara Smith, Vickie Smith, Tim Tyler.

The crew was also very talented and included Lee Edgewood, Dale Grant, Thomas Johnson, Chera Federle, Lisa Dane, Diana Rooks , Larna Kay Smith, Gerald Peterson, Mark Meritt, Steve “Papaw” Pyatte, Michael Prediger, David Finegan, Michelle Dean, Brooke Bartling, Ed Kessner, Jennifer Wilkens, Danny McGrew, Mark Scheid, Zachary Wayne Brinkerhoff.

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