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Thank you for visiting DL Sites and my third movie that I wrote, produced and directed, Welcome to Kentuckiana.

Welcome to Kentuckiana is very edgy satire film dealing with the absurdity of homophobia and stereotypes. Prejudice is prejudice whether it is based on where a person lives, their dialect, their ethnic background or their ‘lifestyle’. America doesn’t have a monopoly on homophobia but we have shamefully perfected and encouraged the practice of homophobia. This film is not making fun of folks who live in Southern Indiana, it is examining why it seems to be ‘human nature’ to be prejudice against other people who happen to be ‘difference’. It also looks at the role the media has played perpetuating stereotypes. The film looks at human sexuality and raising some disturbing question about when is someone a consenting adult.

The film asks more questions than it answers. What’s a Wayward Girl? Is sponsorship of ‘Public Television’ Bad? Do ‘Talking Heads’ have a right to rant and rave pretending to experts on everything and that anyone who disagrees with them is ‘Evil’? What happens after the movie ends between Richard Bigger and Anita Johnson? Is Richard Bigger really that ‘conservative’? Is the message ‘Have a forty and Chill’ addressed to world leaders about current affairs? And most important will CBS give Don an option for a new reality show ‘Barefoot and Pregnant’?

Welcome to Kentuckiana received Special Mention, Festival Internation Des Champs-Elysees 2003 and selected by IUPUI’s Student Life and Diversity Programs Screened October 2003 and selected and screened by Oranje, Indianapolis 2005.

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