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Thank you for visiting DL Sites and my second movie that I wrote, produced and directed, The Bumbling Detective .

On one level The Bumbling Detective is a non-sensible comedy about a Clouseau type character as he hopelessly tries to complete his mission of following a strange lady to find out what she was handed in the graveyard. Or is The Bumbling Detective an allegory about a pre-puberty boy in his awkward pursuit of sexual knowledge?

Does the female represent sexual awareness and sexuality? Why is the Bumbling Detective blowing smoke, sweeping a road in a graveyard, talking to a Teddy Bear? Who is the other man in each scene? Does he represent Manhood? What is the box with the big X on it? Why can’t the box be opened? Does the Bumbling Detective become a Man?

Don created a treatment for The Bumbling Detective in early September, 2002 and completed the script shortly thereafter. Don chose the three actors and shot the film on September 30, 2002 in Indianapolis IN. The movie was screened at Key Cinema on October 29, 2002.

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