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- I'm glad for people like Don Boner. I'm glad he's making pictures without the burden of formula. Boner and movies like Somewhere In Indiana are what give ultra-independent cinema credibility. As the movie played, I found myself thinking that movies such as SII are destined to be the next important wave in independent cinema. Some stories should be told, and the right people need to tell them.

Eric Campos Film Thread January 1, 2005 3 Stars


If you’re into road trip movies, this one’s for you. What’s more, if you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, or that life just isn’t giving you a fair shake, perhaps this trip to Indiana is what you need. Your journey partners are likeable characters brought to life by touching performances.

Sharon Gamble, Host, Art of the Matter, WFYI FM 90.1 11-27-04


It is a little bit of a mystery, a little bit of an adventure and a lot of a psychological journey . I was struck by how tightly paced the film is.. I was drawn in… as though you get into the van with the characters.



Paul Pouge, Nuvo December 1, 2004 2 1/2 Stars


.. This film tells the story of four very different people seeking truth and themselves in the town of Fairview, Ind., hometown of ...Eddie Ray. It's a strange mixture of chunkiness and inspiration; when it works it's right on ... Acting standouts are stalwart Jason Kistler, Janet Vuong's calm reserve and Reg Land, who exhibits a strange magnetism as Roy.