Somewhere In Indiana

Press Kit

November 2004






Somewhere in Indiana, a new movie from DL Sites Inc.
by Don Boner





Running Time 87 minutes



The new released feature film, Somewhere In Indiana, is the most recent achievement by Indianapolis award winning low-budget Avant-garde filmmaker Don Boner, whose prior works
include the short films Ripple, The Bumbling Detective, Welcome to Kentuckiana and Losers Lounge his first feature and winner at 2004 Bare Bones International Independent Film
Festival (
Best Film Noir) and screened at the 3rd Annual IU South Bend Independent Video & Filmmakers Festival and the Cherokee Film Festival on September 5, 2004.

The concept for Somewhere In Indiana began in early November 2003. The first draft of the script was completed by the end of January 2004. Auditions for twenty-nine speaking roles,
held March 6, 2004, attracted forty-five actors from Indianapolis, Lafayette, and Muncie, Indiana, along with actors from Nashville, Tennessee and Chicago, Illinois. On May 4th a cast
meeting, script reading was held. Rehearsals were held at the historic Murphy Arts Center, Fountain Square, in Indianapolis. Shooting beginning in late May and was completed in early
July 2004. Somewhere In Indiana premiered on December 3, 2004 at the Indiana Historical Society Theater in Indianapolis Indiana to almost 600 people.

Somewhere In Indiana was shot in Indianapolis at the following residences: Kurt Flock, Andrea Jackson, Christine Dahlberg, Lance Ratliff, Gerald Peterson, Cindi Browning, and at the
Corner Coffee.

Other footage was shot in Indiana at the Bunker Hill drag strip, Bunker Hill, Downtown Bunker Hill, old county road and private land of Dana Beddle, Peru. 13-24 Drive-Inn, North
Manchester, Shane Marathon, Swayzee, State Road 26 near Point Isabel, in and around Zionsville, Eagle Creek

Coffee Company, Zionsville. Pat Wood's barn, Anderson, Mark Merritt's House, Pendleton, Old county road near Noblesville, Carlton Lodge, Franklin, old county road near Clermont
and The Gas House in Brownsburg.

Rehearsal Space provided by Philip Campbell, Murphy Art Center

Somewhere In Indiana was shot digital and 16mm color film. We used a Canon GL2 on mini-DV tape and a CP 16 A 16mm camera and used Kodak 7279 ASC 500 and Kodak
7246 ASC 200 film. The majority of the footage was digital. We used Sennheiser microphone with a Behringer filed mixer. We used a Lowel Light kit for Interior lighting.

Film Synopsis:

Somewhere In Indiana is a story of discovery and acceptance. It is a feature length drama that magnifies the journey of self-discovery, as Adam, Jane, Sam, and Dan travel to Fairview,
Indiana, the hometown of screen legend, Eddie Ray, and are forced to face their inner struggles when they encounter a mysterious stranger along the way.

Eddie Ray died in 1957 at the age of 24 in a tragic motorcycle accident on his way to a cycle race. In his brief career he stared in three movies, The Very Tall Texan, Southwest of Paradise,
and his most famous film Rebel Without a Reason. The influence he had on his generation increased his popularity, which extends into the present day.

Adam, a white, mid-American, struggling to keep his family together after a sudden job loss. Jane is an Asian-American from the West Coast; a woman raised without a mother Dan, is
an East Coast, Lebanese-American still grieving over the tragic death of his young bride. Sam, is a Jewish-American from South Florida, who is trying to find himself. They all share a
love for Eddie Ray. They meet up and travel together to Fairview, Indiana, Eddie Ray’s hometown; each searching for answers.

Little do these four different people realize; they will act as Good Samaritans to Roy, a mysterious stranger who is heading in the same direction. Who is this man who grabs a hold of
their inner struggles and teaches them that the answers they need are within themselves? Visiting Fairview can’t solve their problems; after all, it’s just another small town, somewhere in Indiana.

The movie is full of complex symbolism and allegorical events including a drag race, suppressed childhood memories, adultery, modern day pilgrimages and the meaning of life and death.
The story deals with contemporary issues like mixed marriage, cultural and racial diversity, gay cohabitation, self acceptance, and the daily alienation faced by many.


Jason Kistler (Adam/Assistant Director)

Jason began his acting career in 1993 while attending DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. Jason has appeared in several local and regional short films as well as feature length
films. Some notable projects include 69:The Highway, A Certain Justice, Hair Trigger, Witness Jehovah, Sex For Your Soul, American Vendetta, The Thicket, and the
soon-to-be-released short film Descent. Jason studied acting while at DePauw and while living in Los Angeles. He currently resides in his hometown of Indianapolis.

Reg Land (Roy/Acting Coach)

Reg Land has been an on-camera actor for about 6 years. His experience includes starring and supporting roles in feature and short films including The Thicket, Toss Of The Coin,
Palindrome, and Lulu Takes A Lover, as well as being featured in Seabiscuit and appearing in commercials and print. His training consists of on-camera workshops, private coaching
on character development, auditioning techniques as well as acting in sitcoms and dramas with Jane Alderman, the distinguished Chicago casting director. Reg’s passion for on-camera
acting comes from bringing the writer’s character to life as well as being able to experience that which cannot be found in everyday life. He currently resides in Indianapolis, IN.

B.J. Whetstine (Sam Bern)

B.J. is happy to be working on “Somewhere in Indiana” as his first film project. He is no stranger to performance, having been a stage actor, singer, and dancer all of his life.
Some stage highlights include playing the Wicked Witch of the West in a high school production of “Wizard of Oz”, Frederick in a Saint Mary Of-The-Woods College production
of “Pirates of Penzance”, Clifford Anderson in the Merry MAC production of “Deathtrap”, and his recent appearances in “Naked Boys Singing” at the Phoenix Theater in
Indianapolis. He has also appeared in numerous dinner theater, Community Theater and college theater productions around Indiana. B.J. would like to thank all of the wonderful
and talented individuals that he has met working on this project. “Somewhere in Indiana” has been an educational and enjoyable experience for B.J. and he can’t wait to work on
another film.

Janet Vuong (Jane)

Former Act I model, Janet Vuong, is making her transition to film in Somewhere In Indiana. As Jane, she convinces three other fans of the late actor – Eddie Ray – to make the
pilgrimage to Fairview, Indiana. Janet has done commercials as well as print work with Act I for four years, and her credits include IndyGo, Eli Lilly, Marsh Supermarkets, and
Roche Diagnostics. Currently, she is a senior at IUPUI majoring in New Media.

Wes Pollock (Dan)

Presently a college student studying Telecommunications and Theatre, Wes Pollock is making his movie debut in Don Boner's film presentation, Somewhere in Indiana. Wes has
appeared in lead roles for recent McDonald's I'm Lovin’ It! and Centex Homes commercials. With regard for acting's constant learning and growing process, Wes polishes his acting
technique by attending local theater veteran Bob Berry's stage and film acting workshops.

Supporting Cast

Colin Alexander (Eddie Ray)

Born into a family of touring musicians, Colin was exposed to the arts very early through music. He was a child actor who appeared in local commercials and theatre productions.
After receiving a high school and later college scholarship for athletics in football, Colin was forced to put his artistic endeavors on hold. After injuries cut his career short, his focus
again shifted to his artistic interests. Colin began appearing in commercials, industrials, independent shorts and then independent feature films as well as theatre in the Orlando area.
He relocated to the Indianapolis area to aid in the creation of a family business, and plans to pursue his entertainment interests full time in the near future. In his spare time Colin
practices and teaches Martial Arts. He has produced a few songs for Orlando Hip Hop Musicians, and has recently released his own CD.

Jeff Angel (Tim)

Jeff Angel grew up in California before moving to Oklahoma and then to Indiana. He holds a BFA in theater arts from Sonoma State University in Northern California. Jeff was
most recently seen on stage in Indianapolis in
"A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" at Footlite Musicals, and at The Artists’ Studio in Jesus Christ Superstar,
The Rocky Horror Show and 42nd Street. Jeff played Jacob and Potiphar in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at St. Luke’s UMC and the same parts for three
years at The Indianapolis Civic Theater. Also at Civic theater he appeared in
1776 and Guys & Dolls. Jeff was also seen locally in Lifeboat at Theater on The Square, Mame with
The Carmel Community Players,
Scarlet Pimpernel, West Side Story and Lil’ Abner at Footlite Musicals and at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum’s Lilly Theater in The Princess
and the Pea and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Jeff has been seen on the big screen in movies with lead roles in Lil' River Rats: Adventure of the Lost Treasure and Death of a
Barefoot Tour Guide and a supporting role in Somewhere In Indiana. He has also had extra roles in American Graffiti, Smiles, Heroes, My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys,
8 seconds, Terror in the Heartland (TV Movie), Pure Country and Forgive Me Father. Jeff hosted a country music dance show on TV called Dancin’ InCahoots in Oklahoma
City and worked as and extra in TV shows like
The Streets of San Francisco, Ironside, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Dallas, and Walker Texas Ranger. When not acting, Jeff is a
n Air Personality and Producer at Indianapolis radio station WGLD-FM "Gold 104.5".

David Briggs (Ronald)

David has been acting in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas for 11 years. He has appeared in the Disney Features Freeze Frame and Diving In, and also the Disney television series
The Jersey. Other indy films include A Certain Justice and Sebastain's Pen. David has studied with ABC's All MY CHILDREN Alan Dysert and Broadway actor & coach John Pentaudi
of New

York. David also appears in numerous TV commercials.

Tiffany Bullock (Betty)

Tiffany has been a serious performance artist since her early teens. She’s a singer, a dancer, and she is a serious actor. Tiffany regards her feature work in film, her theatre work, and her
modeling as both “fun” and “inspiring.” Tiffany has won local acclaim for her performances in many independent films: The Third Date, The Hangman’s Light, Nobody Will Ever Know,
69 The Highway, Hair Trigger and Fake I.D., as well as her theatrical lead performances in Go Ask Alice and The Girl in the Mirror.

Tiffany nabbed a supporting role in Paul Simon’s Come Blow Your. As a very thoughtful and talented poet/song writer, Tiffany lends those talents to her show band, Tantrum, a
four-girl group, along with a band, who showcases in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Acting, singing, writing, and dancing are not her only talents, she is also a Fashion Consultant,
a Make-up Artist, and a Licensed Cosmetologist.

Robert Charlock (Pops)

Bob has studied acting with Bryan Fonseca, Julie Powers, Rob Johansen, David Hockey and Jeffrey Sweet. He has been acting in Indianapolis for the past five years, and his stage
credits include Death of a Salesman, Cara Becoming a Woman, The Tinker, and Of Mice and Men. He has also appeared in the films The Creole Affair, Welcome to
and Losers Lounge.

Katie Dawson (Heather)

Katie attends Eastwood Middle School. She also is involved with the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra where she plays the violin. Katie’s film and television credits include:
A Certain Justice, An interview with “Holes” scribe, Louis Sacher for WISH-TV Channel 8, and several commercials for WISH-TV.

Jim Dougherty (Roger/Stunts)

Jim is a professional stuntman, and was the assistant coordinator the Chicago Stunt Team through the mid nineties. He worked on the feature films "Michael" and "Heaven is a
Playground". A stage actor, Jim has appeared in "Run for your Wife", "Greater Tuna", "3 Guys Naked from the Waist Down", "Of Mice and Men", "Grease", "Flowers for Algernon",
and "True West". Jim has also been honored with awards for his design work on productions such as "A Streetcar Named Desire", "One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest", "Singin’ in the
Rain", and "Deathtrap". Jim has been involved in entertainment since the early 1970s. He has directed and performed in theatres around the Midwest, including Brown County Playhouse
in Nashville Indiana and Victory Gardens Theatre in Chicago.

John Franz (Street-singer/himself)

Street-singer, John Franz has been a staple of Nashville life for well over a decade. "I found my place in it all," says John. The 63-year-old man has been making a living in music since
1972, and has been in Nashville since Memorial Day, 1989. "Playing in the streets, that's half the enjoyment of it." John was born in Wichita, Kansas, and grew up in Scottsburg, Indiana.
Originally, physics major at Indiana University in neighboring Bloomington, John dropped out of college in 1961. "I was a southern hillbilly, and was blown away. It was culture shock," he
says. John then decided to join the USAF. Up in the mountains of Oregon, John worked as an electronics technician for the USAF at a radar station. It is there he started singing and
playing guitar with a group modeled after the Kingston Trio, a famous Appalachian group known for their vocal harmonies. After his tour of duty, John moved back to Indiana and worked
at Indiana Bell, playing and singing at parties on the side. Wanderlust struck John, and 3 years later he set off for the Virgin Islands, swept away in the counter-culture that was spreading a
cross the states like wildfire.


Victoria Floro (Rita)

Victoria Floro has appeared in several independent Chicago film and theatre productions. Most recently, she appeared as the female lead in the film Real Funny. Upcoming feature
film projects include supporting roles in The Dork of the Rings. In March of 2004, Victoria incorporated Red Door Productions, Ltd. and has started pre-production on the DV
short, Swinging Ben.

Jane Ford (Irene)

Jane Ford is a graduate of Indiana University with many years of experience in television and theatre mediums. She has performed in “Bad Year for Tomatoes”…Epilogue, directed
plays in Minnesota, directed, performed and wrote “Zane Grey” for local TV, and worked on and off the air for WTTV. Jane has also participated in many lectures on interesting
women as a performer and writer.

Chera Federle (Pig Farmer)

Somewhere In Indiana is Chera’s first feature acting experience. She also served as Associate Producer and Script Supervisor.

Heather Grose (Barbara)

Somewhere In Indiana has been Heather’s first film acting experience, but she is no stranger to performing. On the Ice, Heather placed 4th in the Albuquerque Invitational Ice
Skating Competition. She sings in her church choir and has had notable performances at L’Opera Restorante. Heather recently moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico where she
is studying Astronomy and Music full-time.

Ausby Larkin Jr. (Aaron)

Ausby is originally from Arkansas. He began acting back in middle school where he landed the role of Romeo in a school play. This was when he realized that acting was something
he would be able to do. He later went to college and took a number of acting classes during his tenure at the University of Arkansas. During that time he landed commercial roles as
well as roles in independent films such as "Carelly's Way" and "Grandma Bell". He moved to Indianapolis in 1997 and continued his acting career there while landing roles in films
like "9Chime", and a very controversial film by the name of "Jesus and Her Gospel of Yes" which will be premiering at the Cannes film festival in 2005.

Larry Laverty (Middle Aged Man)

Based in California, Larry works in film and TV all over the country. He's appeared in over 40 films, 100 commercials, and 20 plays. Among his film appearances, he was in Gus Van
Sant's 'Elephant'- the top film at Cannes last year. And among his TV appearances, he's been on 'The Practice,’ Judging Amy,’ and several daytime soaps. He's best known as an
actor who represents the average American guy, and often plays such characters as they wrestle with the demands of work and family in our society today.

Kristine Logan (Kate)

Kristine comes from a strong stage background having been trained at both the college and professional level. She is a graduate of Cottey College and Valparaiso University, where she
studied the opposing disciplines of drama and finance. She also engages in continuing education on a regular basis having studied with Michigan Ensemble Theatre Company and acting
coaches from Los Angeles and Chicago, including Act One Studios and an intensive study with Jane Alderman, an independent casting director. Kristine's favorite educational experience
included an extended stay in London where she studied in the West End and with the London Academy of Performing Arts. Favorite stage roles include Maggie in "Cat On A Hot Tin
Roof," Shelby in "Steel Magnolias," Lily in "The Secret Garden," The Wedding Singer in "Tony & Tina’s Wedding" and Chick in "Crimes of The Heart." She has also appeared in numerous
independent films including "A Universe Emerging," a 2001 finalist at the Sundance Screenwriters Competition. In addition to "Somewhere in Indiana," Kristine is working on three new in
dependent films, due out later this year.

Danny Marks (Floyd)

Danny Marks is a very versatile actor, which has taken him from theatre and commercial work to independent film. Danny performed in many One Act plays in High School, where his
love for acting continued on into college where he performed in The Miser and various One Act plays. His theatre experience has landed him roles in the following plays: Angel Street/Epilogue
Theatre, From Dark Pages/Morris-Butler House, Meeting of Minds/Harrison Center, Harvey/The Old Centrum. Danny can be seen in Industrial Films for Eli Lily, Methodist Hospital,
and St. Francis Hospital, commercials for H.H. Gregg and other small local companies, and various Independent films. His training involves Stage Acting with Bob Berry, Voice,
Camera, and Auditioning with Mike Ferruza, Beginning Acting I and II at the IRT , and Vocal Lessons with Megan Conley.

Marquela Merritt (Young Irene)

Marquela Merritt, playing young Irene, was born in Anderson, Indiana and was 4 at the time of the shooting for this film. This is Marquela's debut appearance in any television or film
production. She is attending Kindergarten this year and very much enjoyed the costuming and makeup in preparation for her short involvement with the film. She thought her leading
man was cute.

Thomas Alan Orr (Poet/Himself)

Tom is a native New Englander who came to Indiana to serve as a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War. He has worked in human services for over 30 years and has
drawn from these experiences in his poetry. He has lived on a small farm in Shelby County since 1986, where he raises rabbits and writes extensively about people who live close to
the land. His first book of poems, Hammers in the Fog, was published in 1995 by Restoration Press. His poetry has been featured on the syndicated radio program, The Writer’s
, hosted by Garrison Keillor. Tom’s poetry has also been included in two recent anthologies, Good Poems, edited by Garrison Keillor, and In Praise of Fertile Land, from
the PCC Farmland Trust. Tom’s poetry appeared recently in cyberspace on RootsWeb. Tom reads his poems in the feature film, Somewhere in Indiana, produced by local filmmaker,
Don Boner, slated for release in Fall 2004.

Adrienne Reiswerg (Mama)

Somewhere in Indiana marks Adrienne's indie debut, but she already has a major motion picture on her resume. In 1997, she appeared in Going All The Way, filmed locally with Ben
Affleck, Jill Clayburgh, Lesley Anne Warren and Jeremy Davies. Adrienne is credited twice, as actor and costume assistant, and is an eligible candidate for the Screen Actors'
Guild. For the past fifteen years, theatre has been her main passion. She has worked onstage, backstage, and on the administrative staffs of most of the city's theatres. After setting
the main curtain on fire, she decided that technical theatre was probably not her niche, but she has done costuming, properties, publicity, dramaturgy, and dialect work, which did not

require emergency personnel. The Indiana Community Theatre League has honored her for her work in The Music Man and the Indianapolis Civic Theatre presented her with its
prestigious Ardath Burkhart Volunteer of the Year award. By day, Adrienne teaches elementary school for Indianapolis Public Schools.

Luke Renn (Marvin)

Luke Renn holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ball State University. His acting career has taken him to many different realms within the entertainment industry; starring as Tony
Conte in Donnie Brasco (History Channel), Congressman Childress in Fake I.D., as Mr. Benefield in The Wendell Traggressor Story, FBI agent Johnson, in the independent film,
A Certain Justice
, and the Bank Manager in An Everyday Occurrence. His theatre experience includes, but is not limited to, performances in The Man Who Came to Dinner, The
Confessional, Anybody Out There, Shadowlands, and How I Learned to Drive. Luke was nominated for an Encore Award for Best Actor in a Comedy in 2000-2001, and
won finalist standing for the same award in 2001-2002. He has studied under Julie Powers/Phoenix Theatre, Bob Berry, Diane Hayes and Jeff Tessler and has attended workshops
at the Indiana Repertory Theatre and the Indianapolis Arts Center.

Jennifer Reyes (Dorothy Rainwater)

Jennifer is a graduate of Lawrence Central High School and holds a Bachelors of Arts from Ball State University. She studied drama under the teachings of Priscilla Lindsay and
Eileen Ackman. Jennifer has worked on numerous independent films including "A Song for Jade" which was produced and directed by Shari Lynn Himes. She has also done
voice-over work for local commercials. Jennifer's debut in theatre was at the Indianapolis Civic theatre in the play "Voices from the Heart" in which she played young Rachel
Carr. Her bilingual skills in Spanish and English helped her land the role of metro traffic reporter for 107.1 FM Radio Latina. Jennifer also enjoyed doing live remotes for the station.
Currently, Jennifer works for WISH Univision Indiana, a local affiliate for the nation's largest Hispanic broadcast channel, her duties include local news reporter, weather anchor,
and co-anchor of news at 6 and news at 11. Jennifer is also a Community Link reporter for WISH TV channel 8.

Suzanne Sadler (Hallie)

Suzanne’s love affair with the limelight began at age four when she would jump in front of the television blocking her family’s view of a favorite program and insisting on “performing”
for them. Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee she studied acting several years in New York City during the 1980’s and started out in musical theatre. Suzanne has acted on-camera
in many commercials and corporate films but her priority is to work in feature films. She is honored to have worked in “Somewhere In Indiana” and looks forward to a return visit to

Cassandra Schomer (Annette, museum curator)

Cassandra has more than 15 years of stage experience and more than five years of film, television, and voice-over experience. Her network TV experience includes featured extra
appearances on "The West Wing" and "ER." Her film experience includes leading roles in "Coming To My Senses," "Norma," "Maintenance By Any Means," and "Love Found," as well

as supporting roles in "Next Door," "The Gift," and "Coma Care." Cassandra has had a variety of stage experience including lead roles in West Side Story and The Tempest as
well as supporting roles in the Mystery Cafe Dinner Theatre, Christmas at the Woods Dinner Theatre, Early One Evening at the Rainbow Bar and Grille, Anything Goes, Singin'
in the Rain, and several others. She’s performed as on-camera and voice-over talent for a several television commercials and industrial videos, plus numerous radio commercials.
She has participated in The Biggs and Carter Experience (Acting/Improv seminar with Richard Biggs of "Guiding Light" and Jason Carter of "Babylon 5") as well as four other
commercial acting seminars and workshops. Cassandra studied voice for four years under Marian Krajewska and studied acting for six years under Morris Cornell.

Tara Smith (Girl 1)

Acting has been a consistent part of Tara’s life since high school. She has performed in several plays; One Day at a Time, Shirley Holmes and the FBI, Something Like This, and
The Last Night of Ballyhoo. Tara’s stage experiences have also taken her behind the curtain, where she was the assistant director for The Good Times Are Killing Me. Her other
acting experiences include a commercial for Ball State University, and the film, Somewhere In Indiana.

Vickie Smith (Inn Keeper)

Vickie Smith appeared in Don Boner’s last film, Losers Lounge as Lisa. She has had a busy year since Loser’s Lounge, receiving on camera training both in Chicago and New
York City. Currently she is working in Chicago and locally, appearing on stage, in front of the camera and doing voice-overs.

Tim Tyler (Young Ronald)

During the last decade, Tim has performed in over a dozen films, commercials, industrial videos, and theater productions. Some of his latest work include: Asylum,
Somewhere in Indiana, Someone for Everyone
, and the award winning films, A Song for Jade and Losers Lounge. Tim has had training in advanced acting, auditioning
techniques, film acting, drama, and fight choreography. Some of his special skills and hobbies are group singing, bass guitar, kayaking, sports, and dancing. He has a passion
for performing and is very optimistic about his future in this field.



Erin Van Meter (Young Jane) - Emily Ball -Gary Ball- Karen Ballard - Kelesee Hankins- Debbie Manning- Seth Musselman

Steve “PaPaw” - Pyatte- Jennifer Wilkins - Dennis Chavez- Wesiey Barr - Bruce Lakin -Andrew Granger

Jeremy Murray- Ralph Shrock - Kelsee Hankeins- Thomas Harrison - Phil Graybiel -Ann Dougherty- Michal Snead- Andrea Snead

Jocelyn Mooneyhan- Lara Ann Hall-Hannah Kennedy


Don Boner (Writer/Director/Producer)

Don attended the New York Film Academy’s four-week intensive workshop in 2002. He wrote and directed the critically acclaimed short movie Ripple in August 2002 and
The Bumbling Detective in October 2002. In November 2002 he completed Welcome to Kentuckiana. Don wrote and directed the award wining feature Losers Lounge in
2003 ( best Film Noir 2004 Bare Bones International Independent Film Festival ) He is formerly the Director of Product Development for Adman Software. He developed four
games on a TRS 80 Model I Level II in 1981, released by the Programmer's Guild and Micro Fantasy:
Thunder Road, Deadly Dungeon, Revenge of Bolrog, and The Fortress
at Times- End. He is an award-winning wine maker and the author of a beer-making manual.

Gerald Peterson (Assistant Director )

Writer, Producer and Director. Has worked on several screenplays and short films serving in the roles of Assistant Director and Associate Producer. He is a founding member of
the New Indy Films and Media production company which will release its debut short film "Through A Fisheye" in November of 2004; in time to compliment the release of the
full length feature film "Somewhere In Indiana". He has written the music for film soundtracks and is the author of the book "The Murder of Matthew Raymonds".

Lee Edgewood (Director of Photography)

Lee worked his way up from the bottom the hard way. He began by producing home movies with his siblings and pets. When it came time to advance, and without the necessary means
for a higher education, he had to pose as janitor at a local film school and sneak into classes to learn the ways of filmmaking.

Dale Grant (Sound Mixer)

Dale is a talented musician and audio engineer. Dale plays in a band and teaches guitar when he is not recording other Central Indiana artist in his studio.

Thomas Johnson (Editor)

Thomas has worked in the Indianapolis independent film and video community for four years. He is the primary editor for the Indianapolis based production team, Inverted Staircase
Productions. His diverse editing experience includes work on documentaries, narrative short films, music videos, and live events. His recent credits include the documentary Earth &
Women and the music video "Smack It Up" for the Indianapolis-based artist Double R, as well as many smaller productions.

Michael Prediger (Art Director)

Michael attended Pennsylvania State University. Originally from Baltimore, MD, and owner of mp4 Studios, he has spent 10 years working as a commercial, art and fashion
photographer. Michael has worked with several talent agencies as a contract photographer, as well as assisting with web design and talent marketing.

Chera Federle (Associate Producer, Script Supervisor)

Chera Federle is a graduate of Herron School of Art with a BFA in Visual Communications. As an award winning screenwriter, she has optioned two screenplays to independent
producers within the past two years. Getting involved with the Indianapolis Independent Film Community has given Chera the ambition to move forward with her own projects.

Lisa Dane (Associate Producer)

Lisa Dane has appeared on-camera in films: Forrest Gump, The Pelican Brief, Avalon, The Runaway Bride. Television experience includes numerous commercials and the TV series,

The District. Lisa has been a certified studio and field producer for a Washington, DC area community television station. Before moving to Indianapolis on 9/11/01, Lisa was an Associate
Producer with a Washington area film production company. Her experience includes: scriptwriting, casting, location scouting, and media relations/promotions. Lisa was a consultant for

The Blair Witch Project and appears in the credits. Her wisdom teeth appear in the film. Lisa Dane received a Telly Award in 1998 for a series of NBC-TV station promos,
“It Takes a Village.”

Mark Meritt (Location Consultant/Script Supervisor)

US Air Force Gulf War I Veteran, Mark Merritt is just now entering into the world of filmmaking after finishing a career in Aviation. He was an instructor pilot and airline captain for
United Express before moving to Indiana from the State of Maine. Mark has been filmed flying an airliner in commercial and performed aircraft demonstrations at air shows. Now residing
in Pendleton, Indiana with his three daughters, Mark works for Hoosier Park, running computer systems that control the wagering for horse tracks. He has come to the production team
of Somewhere In Indiana as a location consultant and personal assistant. Mark was also involved with the SII script committee and served as Script Supervisor in a limited capacity. He
looks forward to continuing his involvement with Don Boner’s team in years to come.

Steve “Papaw” Pyatte (Location Props Supervisor)

Steve “Papaw”™ Pyatte and his wife Kelly have 4 children and 4 grandchildren.

Papaw™ attended Brownsburg High School class of 1974. He has 18 years public speaking experience and has been an award winning Motorcycle Safety Instructor with ABATE of
Indiana/Motorcycle Safety Division for 16 years. He is presently the Site Coordinator for the Indianapolis Shorewood Training Site in Indianapolis. Papaw™ was honored with a national
award as Outstanding Motorcycle Safety Instructor for 2003 and has been Instructor of the Year twice in the State of Indiana.

Papaw™ has a passion for helping children and is the Chairman for Nathan and PJ's Ride, a motorcycle ride to battle Late Infantile Batten Disease. Not only has he joined forces with
Nathan’s Battle Foundation, but also has been associated with the Miracle Ride for Riley Children’s Hospital for 12 years, and has been involved with the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation
for over 17 years.

Somewhere in Indiana has been his first active participating role in the film industry. His voice can be heard on the trailer for the movie and his pretty face can be seen as an extra in the
film. His is also a supporter of the film.

He has been a Web Developer for eSystems Design, Inc. for 7 years. Papaw has worked in the entertainment field in many forms over the last 30 Years. Papaw does professional
voice-over work for radio, television and now, film. He is currently involved with the full length feature film, Hair Trigger: No Mercy, written and directed by Tino Marquez of Bunk
Films as well as Through a Fisheye written and directed by Gerald Peterson. Look for Papaw in many other productions in the future and hearing his voice a little bit of everywhere.

Diana Rooks (Still Photographer/Production Assistant)

I am a quiet adventurer. I like watching light flutter through a piece of glass or a piece of plastic. When I've got a camera dangling from my shoulder, I find myself in more interesting
places. I've studied film at The University of Texas. I've studied film underneath a train bridge and from the back pew of a church. I'm glad that I had the opportunity this year to study
film in a barn, in the middle of the street, and at a drive-in theatre.

Larna Kay Smith (Production Assistant/Set Design)

Larna is currently a M.C. and model for Calendar Girls Promotional Modeling. She has been modeling for sixteen years through several different agencies, and has taught modeling
at Brenda Carroll's Modeling School. Larna was a lead actress and writer on Comedy Warehouse. She has done commercials for Vision Associates and J.L. Hubb Jewelers. She also
featured in It Came From Trafalgar and was a featured extra in the movie Roommates. Her stage experience includes supporting roles in The Mouse that Roared, The Frosty Follies,
and The Caucasian Circle. Her crew work started with ABC Sports. Her titles included: assistant to announcer, assistant to producer, and stage manager. Larna studied acting, writing,
crew and production at Butler University.

David Finegan (Production Assistant)

David Finegan is a Freshman Visual Communications major at Herron School of Art in Indianapolis. David has a strong interest in the arts; film and writing in specific. He is currently
working with Independent filmmakers around Indianapolis to gain experience and knowledge about film and film production. David is currently gathering ideas and material for a short
film of his own. David's plans for the future are wide open, but he currently has his eye on attending graduate school somewhere to pursue a MFA in film production. David has also
been considering attempting acting and is looking into various workshops provided in Indianapolis to sharpen his craft.

Michelle Dean (Makeup- Production Assistant)

Michelle Dean began acting at 3 years of age in a production of the Music Man. From there she got the acting bug and began doing theatre in grade school, middle school high school
and college. She did many productions including community performances.

Michelle learned about the stage in all areas from these productions. Michelle was even the makeup manager for a community performance of The King and I. Receintly Michelle has
been turning her attention towards the film industry. She has performed in many independent film features such as Will Work For Food and Lake Evermore. She also performed in the
most receint award winning independent film entitled Shades. Shades has just won the Independent Film Festival in Ohio.

Currently Michelle is back in Ohio working on another film entitled Dead Silent, written and directed by Bill Alexander the winner of the Ohio Film Festival for Shades and is the founder
of The Hope School of Acting & Studios.

Michelle is pleased to have been able to add Somewhere In Indiana to her resume and was pleased to have been associated with its director and actors.

Brooke Bartling (Production Assistant)

Brooke's fascination with the process of filmmaking has led her to pursue a major at Hanover College in Communication. She has taken several courses including visual communication,
where she and a few of her classmates produced and edited a short film entitled "Breakfast." She has also worked on the set of her high school play, "Peter Pan." With the experience
she obtained from working on the set of Somewhere in Indiana, she intends to continue in film to eventually become the next Quentin Tarantino.

Ed Kessner (Grip)

Ed is retired from the Veteran’s Administration. He served as gaffer on Ripple, The Bumbling Detective and Welcome to Kentuckiana. In his spare time, he restores antique clocks,
does detailed woodworking, gold leafing, and Victorian home internal restoration.

Jennifer Wilkens (Production Assistant)

Jennifer has appeared in several on-camera performances, including Commercials, Local Programming, a supporting role in New Indy Film’s Through A Fisheye as an Office Boss,
and a featured part in Bunk Film’s Hairtrigger II: No Mercy in the role of “Bartender.” As well as acting, Jennifer is an experienced “On-Air Reporter,” a “Fitness Model” on Radio
One’s Fitness Show
, a singer and dancer, aerobic instructor, fitness consultant, spokesperson, and has done promotions with CBS Sports and Team Penske.

Danny McGrew: (Grip)

Dan has had 15 years of Video/Audio Production experience with Ad-Ventures Video. As Senior cameraman and 3D Computer Animator, Dan's work on television and nationally
broadcast radio commercials have been the topic on shows like CNN and Fox News.

Mark Scheid (Special Unit Sound Mixer)

Mark's interest and experience in engineering, project management, programming, history, photography, art and music have made his recent transformation to filmmaker seem a very
natural metamorphosis. Since starting this new endeavor, he has worked on three short films in a variety of production roles. A founding member of the production company, Intelligent
Onager Films
, he is currently in pre-production of their debut film, Strange Transactions. With a never-ending series of film concepts from which to draw, Mark hopes to continue
making films with improvement in both his artistic vision and technical expression.

Zachary Wayne Brinkerhoff (Special Unit Director of Photography)

Zach is a 2003 graduate of Plainfield High School and is currently working on a multimedia degree at Ivy Tech State College. He has made short digital films in high school and college.
His favorite thing to do with computers is working with green/blue screen effects and digital video editing. Zach is currently learning how to make computer-animated effects. He has
recently joined with the Indianapolis Independent Film Community to learn from other filmmakers.

Original Music

[time code first visible frame after black starts at 0;00;22;18]

Freda Love & Jake Smith; Is this what I've been waiting for? [1;23;05;05 – 1;24;46;08]

Freda Love is a rock drummer/yoga teacher/ leasing agent from Bloomington, Indiana. Freda has appeared on Network television and in music videos with several of her bands as
a founder member, including The Blake Babies, Antenna , the Mysteries of Life and her new group Some Girls. She has performed coast to cost and in England. She wrote the song
Nothing ever Happens
which was in the remake of Freaky Friday. Freda has been interviewed by Spin, Rolling Stone, Sassy and hundreds of weekly entertainment newspapers
across the country.

Jake Smith is an Instructor and PDH candidate at Indiana University. He is a founding member of Antenna and the Mysteries of Life. He played with The Vulgar Boatmen and alone
side his wife Freda Love has toured all over the USA. He and Freda have released almost a dozen Music CD’s over the last eleven years.

Zirque Bonner; Reflections [0;21;18;27 – 0;23;55;23]

Milky Way Rising [0;32;05;29 – 0;34;33;09]

Zirque Bonner received a BA in Music Performance at Northern Arizona University. He is Director of the Music and Media Program at Verde Valley School, in Sedona Arizona. He is
an accomplished jazz bassist, composer and multi-instrumentalist who has recorded and/or performed with Brad Meldeu, Lee Konitz, Ralf Illenberger, Chris Spheeris, Carlos Naki and
others. He is very active in the Northern Arizona music scene, and has performed at premiere venues in NYC, Indianapolis, Sedona, Phoenix, Germany, Greece, and Morocco.

Reg Land; Roll Away [38;44;17 – 0;40;13;16]

Blind In The Dark [0;06;40;29 – 0;08;31;05] and [0;44;01;06 – 0;45;06;02]

Reg Land is an actor and musician who resides in Indianapolis, Indiana. He plays a variety of music, including blues, folk and jazz, primarily on the guitar. As an actor he became
intrigued with the emotional relationship between characters in a film and music; and began developing both instrumental music and songs for projects in which he was cast. He wrote
both songs and the

musical score for the movie, American Vendetta and a musical theme for The Stories We Live.

Jerimae Yoder; Daily [0;01;02;15 - 0;02;09;25]

Jerimae Yoder studied vocal performance and guitar at Vincennes University and Goshen College. He is currently working on his first CD since 1999 that is due to release December
2004. The CD “Personal Revolution” (working title) will feature the production work of Pam Clark of Panama, Central America. Almost the entire CD was produced “on-line” by using
file transfer. Keep an ear out for the new “revolutionary sound” of Independent music artists everywhere and especially Jerimae Yoder.

Original Music Continued

Michael Dowden; Pain Remembered [0;46;32;01 – 0;51;08;06]

Michael Dowden is a Computer Programmer from Indianapolis. Michael has received a classical music education, starting with piano lessons when he was just old enough to reach the
keys. Since then, he has played piano and keyboard for various churches, bands, and choirs. He began writing and performing his own music in high school, prompting him to continue
his music education through his electives in college.

Don Boner; Rocket 98 [1;24;47;02 – 1;26;33;25]

Don Boner was raised in Nashville Tennessee and in 1959 Kidnapped, his first 45 RMP record was released. It was number one in Sparta Tennessee! The fact that Don’s cousin was a
DJ at the radio station and part owner of the record label was not a factor in the record’s popularity. In the early 60’s Don co-wrote several songs with the late Vince Matthews . Don is
no stranger to Network Television having watched several hours during the last 60 years.



Roy (Reg Land) and Adam (Jason Kistler)


Eddie Ray (Colin Alexander)


Roy( Reg Land) and Dan(Wes Pollock)



ane’s Dad ( David Briggs) and Jane (Janet Vuong)


Adam (Jason Kistler)


Betty (Tiffany Bullock) and Eddie Ray (Colin Alexander)

Somewhere In Indiana Reviews


What people are saying about Somewhere In Indiana


- I'm glad for people like Don Boner. I'm glad he's making pictures without the burden of formula. Boner and movies like Somewhere In Indiana are what give
ultra-independent cinema credibility. As the movie played, I found myself thinking that movies such as SII are destined to be the next important wave in independent
cinema. Some stories should be told, and the right people need to tell them.

Eric Campos Film Thread 1-8-05 3 Stars

If you’re into road trip movies, this one’s for you. What’s more, if you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, or that life just isn’t giving you a fair shake, perhaps this trip to
Indiana is what you need. Your journey partners are likeable characters brought to life by touching performances.

Sharon Gamble, Host, Art of the Matter, WFYI FM 90.1 11-27-04

It is a little bit of a mystery, a little bit of an adventure and a lot of a psychological journey . I was struck by how tightly paced the film is.. I was drawn in… as though
you get into the van with the characters.


Paul Pouge, Nuvo, December 1, 2004 2 1/2 stars

.. This film tells the story of four very different people seeking truth and themselves in the town of Fairview, Ind., hometown of ...Eddie Ray. It's a strange mixture of chunkiness and
inspiration; when it works it's right on ... Acting standouts are stalwart Jason Kistler, Janet Vuong's calm reserve and Reg Land, who exhibits a strange magnetism as Roy.

Ellen Kizik Dawgnet Features Editor; Butler University’s Student News December 2, 2004 is diversity in the characters and a variety of obstacles each person overcomes throughout their journey that shows the hard work that was put into both the script
and the acting. . . For an independent, 87-minute movie, there are enough twists and turns in the plot to stay entertained. .. Don proves that even the most complex of ideas f
or a movie can come to life with a little determination and a lot of devotion. The finished product as a whole is done well and deserves recognition.

Tino Marquez Jr. December 4, 2004

... the scenes that were done on film stock were amazing in every aspect. Definitely everyone involved on those scenes brought their "A" game on those days and
shined impressively. Reg Land was very charismatic as Roy with an addictive smile and Kistler's performance was solid as a leader of friends on their journey to
Fairview, IN. ... BJ Whetstine really stood out for me as a young man struggling with his sexual identity and coming to terms with himself.