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November 2002





Communications teacher at Kentuckiana Richard Bigger's next-door neighbor Junior College for Wayward Girls,
Anita Johnson (Anna Vignola) Richard Bigger (Robert Charlock)

Welcome to Kentuckiana, a short move by Don Boner.

516 E 15th St Indianapolis IN 46202

http://www.dl-sites.com/ donboner@dl-sites.com 317-445-5287

Running Time 12:44 minutes

The short movie ‘Welcome to Kentuckiana’ was written and directed by Don Boner, Indianapolis, IN. ‘Welcome to Kentuckiana’ is the third
short film Don Boner created.

The movie was shot with a Canon GL1 and a Lowell light kit was used for the interior lighting, sound was recorded on a Sonny DAT Walkman.

After screening Don’s critically acclaimed short movie ‘Ripple’, and ‘The Bumbling Detective’ Don wanted to tackle the issue of prejudice and
stereotyping using very edgy satire.

Don created a treatment for ‘Welcome to Kentuckiana’ last summer, and completed the script in September. Auditions were held October 28
Don chose the five actors and shot the film on November 2 and November 9 in Indianapolis IN.

The film was edited in about 80 hours with Adobe Premier and Don viewed a ‘ruff cut’ late on November 13, 2002.

Film Synopsis:

‘Welcome to Kentuckiana’ is very edgy satire film dealing with the absurdity of homophobia and stereotypes. Prejudice is prejudice whether
it is based on where a person lives, their dialect, their ethnic background or their ‘lifestyle’. America doesn’t have a monopoly on homophobia
but we have shamefully perfected and encouraged the practice of homophobia. This film is not making fun of folks who live in Southern Indiana, it
is examining why it seems to be ‘human nature’ to be prejudice against other people who happen to be ‘difference’. It also looks at the role the media
has played perpetuating stereotypes. The film looks at human sexuality and raising some disturbing question about when is someone a consenting adult.

The film asks more questions than it answers. What’s a Wayward Girl? Is sponsorship of ‘Public Television’ Bad? Do ‘Talking Heads’ have a right
to rant and rave pretending to experts on everything and that anyone who disagrees with them is ‘Evil’? What happens after the movie ends between
Richard Bigger and Anita Johnson? Is Richard Bigger really that ‘conservative’? Is the message ‘Have a forty and Chill’ addressed to world leaders
about current affairs? And most important will CBS give Don an option for a new reality show ‘Barefoot and Pregnant’ ?

Bio’s of Cast and crew of Welcome to Kentuckiana


Don Boner, Director, Attended four-week intensive workshop at the New York Film Academy. Formally Director of Product Development,
Adman Software. Developed four games on a TRS 80 Model I Level II in 1981, released by the Programmer's Guild and Micro Fantasy. Game
titles -
Thunder Road, Deadly Dungeon, Revenge of Bolrog, and The Fortress at Times-End. Award winning wine maker and author of Beer
making manual. Wrote and Directed the critically acclaimed short move ‘
Ripple’ in August 2002 and ‘The Bumbling Detective’ in October 2002.


Ed Kessner, Gaffer, Retired, Veteran’s Administration, restores antique clocks, detailed woodwork, gold leafing, and Victorian home Internal
restoration. Gaffer on 'Ripple' and ‘The Bumbling Detective’.


William J. Liederbach, Sound Weasel, Bill has an AAS degree from Ivy Tech State College, a BA from Butler University, and attended graduate school at
Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. He appeared in several plays during his high-school years and in amateur productions at Robert Parks Methodist Church,
Indianapolis. He worked as an armor crewman, reporter, writer, and editor for the US Army and has worked as an employment interviewer, criminal investigator,
investigations supervisor, administrative assistant, project team leader, programmer, systems analyst, and database administrator. He has also worked as a teacher,
software specialist, technical trainer, developer, and team leader for a variety of companies in the private sector. He has appeared in ‘The Bumbling Detective’.




Robert Charlock (Richard Bigger, ) Studied acting with Byran Fonseca, Jillie Powers, Rob Johansen, David Hockey and Jeffrey Sweet. He has been acting in
Indianapolis for the pass five years. Theater includes ‘Death of a Salesman’, ‘Cara Becoming a Woman’, ‘The Tinker and Of Mice and Men’. Film ‘The Creole Affair’.


Anna Vignola (Anita Johnson), Graduated from North Central High School Indianapolis, Indiana in 2001. Attends Bob Berry's Actors Workshop at the Indianapolis
Art Center on a weekly basis. Has appeared in a short student film entitled "Privacy" produced by the Indianapolis Art Center.


Tim Tyler (Dwayne Lamont), Has completed a advanced acting class and a auditioning techniques workshop at Artistic Enterprises with Skip and Judy Welker .
Studied drama at Arlington High . Played a lead role ‘bounty hunter’ in the feature film ‘Zeitgeis’t . Had parts in the films ‘Back Home in Indiana’ , A Song for Jade’
and ‘An Everyday Occurrence’ . Has had parts in theatrical productions, commercials, and educational videos . Would love to work in the LA and NYC markets .


Steven Cole Johnson (Charlie Bright), A graduate of Indiana State University, with a degree in theatre, Steven has been extremely active in Indianapolis community
theatres for many years. Steven’s experience ranges from teaching acting and technical theatre to performing onstage and directing. Steven kept busy in 2002, playing
Lord Rochester in ‘Charles the Second’ and directing and appearing in ‘The Ghost of Mystery Manor’ both with the Stage Actors Workshop and also performing in
and designing the lighting for Epilogue Players’ production ‘The Potting Shed’. Steven was a featured performer with Frank’s Follies at Speedway Cinema as Frank N.
Furter in ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ playing simultaneously with the movie screen. ‘Welcome to Kentuckiana’ marks Steven’s first on-screen work in 16 years,
having last performed in student films while in high school.


Joshua Ramsey (Doctor Nathanial Thomas Wisenheimer), Has appeared in numerous stage productions, is embarking upon the grand journey to the screen. Most
recently appearing as Biff in ‘Death of a Salesman’ and Tybalt in ‘Romeo and Juliet’, he has done theatre in Indiana and has been a model for a number of years, but
wishes to extend his area of influence. He studied acting at Ball State University under Dr. Rodger Smith and thanks the good doctor profusely for his patience.



Charlie Bright (Steven Cole Johnson), City Editor, Kentuckiana Times


Dwayne Lamont (Tim Tyler) News Director WSOUL FM


Doctor Nathaniel Thomas Wisenheimer (Joshua Ramsey)


Puff & Chew, you know what they Sell.


Up next the show that everyone is talking about. Barefoot and Pregnant, the new reality show that only Public TV could bring you.

Clipping ,Awards & Showning

Special Mention Festival Internation Des Champs-Elysees 2003

Selected by IUPUI’s Student Life and Diversity Programs Screened October 2003 Selected by Oranje, Indianapolis 2005




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Clipping ,Awards & Showning Special Mention Festival Internation Des Champs-Elysees 2003
Selected by IUPUI’s Student Life and Diversity Programs

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Screened October 2003 Selected by Oranje, Indianapolis 2005

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