The Bumbling

Detective Press Kit

October 2002






Pet Leopard (Bill Liederbach) talking to his Teddy Bear. Sally Swinger (Madeline Beck) walks toward him.

The Bumbling Detective, a short move by Don Boner. 317-445-5287

Running Time 4:16 minutes

The short movie ‘The Bumbling Detective’ was written and directed by Don Boner, Indianapolis, IN. ‘The Bumbling Detective’ is the second short film Don Boner created. The
movie was shot with a Canon GL1 digital camera, sound was recorded on a Sonny DAT Walkman.

After screening Don’s critically acclaimed short movie ‘Ripple’, Don wanted to tackle a lighter subject. He envisioned a Clouseau type character in a very short movie trying to,
despite the bumbling and falling, complete his mission.

Don created a treatment for The Bumbling Detective in early September, and completed the script shortly thereafter. Don chose the three actors and shot the film on September 3
0, 2002 in Indianapolis IN.

The short film was edited in about 18 hours with Adobe Premier and Don viewed a ‘ruff cut’ late on October 2, 2002.

Film Synopsis:

On one level ‘The Bumbling Detective’ is a non-sensible comedy about a Clouseau type character as he hopelessly tries to complete his mission of following a strange lady to
find out what she was handed in the graveyard.

Or is ‘The Bumbling Detective’ an allegory about a pre-puberty boy in his awkward pursuit of sexual knowledge?

Does the female represent sexual awareness and sexuality? Why is the Bumbling Detective blowing smoke, sweeping a road in a graveyard, talking to a Teddy Bear? Who is
the other man in each scene? Does he represent Manhood? What is the box with the big X on it? Why can’t the box be opened? Does the Bumbling Detective become a Man?

A sexual allegory? Perhaps, but then again Perhaps not.

Bio’s of Cast and crew of The Bumbling Detective


Don Boner, Director

Attended four-week intensive workshop at the New York Film Academy. Formally Director of Product Development, Adman Software. Developed four games on a TRS 80
Model I Level II in 1981, released by the Programmer's Guild and Micro Fantasy. Game titles -
Thunder Road, Deadly Dungeon, Revenge of Bolrog, and
The Fortress at Times-End. Award winning wine maker and author of Beer making manual. Wrote and Directed the critically acclaimed short move Ripple in August 2002.

Ed Kessner, Gaffer

Retired, Veteran’s Administration, restores antique clocks, detailed woodwork, gold leafing, and Victorian home Internal restoration. Gaffer on 'Ripple'.


William J. Liederbach, actor

Bill has an AAS degree from Ivy Tech State College, a BA from Butler University, and attended graduate school at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. He appeared
in several plays during his high- school years and in amateur productions at Robert Parks Methodist Church, Indianapolis. He worked as an armor crewman, reporter, writer,
and editor for the US Army and has worked as an employment interviewer, criminal investigator, investigations supervisor, administrative assistant, project team leader, programmer,
systems analyst, and database administrator. He has also worked as a teacher, software specialist, technical trainer, developer, and team leader for a variety of companies in the
private sector.

Medeline Beck, actor,

Medeline has a BA from Indiana University Fine Arts. She studied acting with Clark Middleton, Danton Stone, and Howard Spiegel Theatre including Searching for Dogberry,
A Man a Woman and a Cat, The Fantastisk , Miko plus other theatre. Television, Fashion Emergency, Triumphs and Tribulations. Film, I’d Like to File a Complaint,
Eight Men Out
, Hoosiers and Ripple .

Christian Dean

A degree in broadcast communications from Lewis and Clark College in Godfrey, IL. Also studied acting in High School and College. Christian has appeared in numerous
commercials in the Midwest and can be heard daily on 97.1 WENS. This is Christian's first film role.