The Report

Oct 2006





Running Time 11:04 minutes


The new short film, The Report, is the most recent achievement by Indianapolis award winning low-budget Avant-garde filmmaker Don Boner, whose prior
works include the short films Ripple, The Bumbling Detective, Welcome to Kentuckiana and Losers Lounge his first feature and winner at the 2004 Bare
Bones International Independent Film Festival (
Best Film Noir) and screened at the 3rd Annual IU South Bend Independent Video & Filmmakers
and the Cherokee Film Festival on September 5, 2004. He second feature Somewhere In Indiana that premiered on December 3, 2004 at the
Indiana Historical Society Theater in Indianapolis Indiana to almost 600 people, and distributed in USA and Canada by Echelon Entertainment

Don completed the script for The Report in July 2003. The movie was shot that month in one day! A ruff cut was completed by August 2003 but Don started
working on the treatment for Somewhere In Indiana so the ruff cut lay dormant until October 2006 when he decided to complete the edit and release the
short movie in 2006.


Film Synopsis:

The Report is a semi-abstract narrative science fiction short movie about a government cover-up of evince of an advance civilization that sent a monitoring
device to Earth over two million years ago. It shows the length the government is willing to go to keep the information secret and out of the public hands.

On one level The Report is a Science Fiction story about a computer hacker who discovers that a large Alien monitoring device burred deep the earth
that was at least two million years old. He discovered anyone who found out about the device was mysteriously killed. The hacker decided to go public
with the story with tragic consequences.

On another level the movie asks; are, we alone in the Universe? Most intelligent people think we can not be alone, the Universe is to large for us to be
the only ‘intelligent ‘life. Have other ‘beings’ visited earth before? Perhaps. How did we become human? These were the questions I ask as I wrote
and shot The Report.

Post Production Completed in Indianapolis Indiana October, 2006

Bio’s of Cast and Crew of The Report


Micah Shane Ballinger (Finley Glass)

A graduate of Ball State University with a degree in Theatre. Stage experience includes the character of “Willie,” from the play Mastor Harold and the Boys.
Trained with the casting director Clair Sennett as well as with many others. Has been in several one-act plays. In addition, Ball State Theatre Dept. Micah has
appeared in over a dozen movies , including; Shadows; Crazy About You, Someone For Everyone, Evil Inside, Evil Within, Quenc, Perception, Losers
Lounge, Ceiling Fan, Chaperon, EZ Money, Troubled Man

Autumne Sorgius, (Glenda Oaks)

Autumne has studied acting at IRT, Purdue University and IUPUI. Her theatre experience includes Death of a Salesman, St. Susan, and From Dark Pages.
She has appeared in Joshua, Beating the Bunny, Shadows, Losers Lounge and other productions.

Steven C. Galovic (Ron Callwell)

Steven has acting in both stage and screen since 2003. He attended Bob Berry's Actor's Workshop and has done a short film and a commercial project for
Jeff Coats’ class at the Indianapolis Art Center. Steven also enjoys doing voice impressions. His film credits include Losers Lounge, the lead roll in Through
a Fisheye
and other stage performances.


Don Boner (Writer/Director/Producer)


Don attended the New York Film Academy’s four-week intensive workshop in 2002. He wrote and directed the critically acclaimed short movie Ripple in
August 2002 and The Bumbling Detective in October 2002. In November 2002 he completed Welcome to Kentuckiana. Don wrote and directed the
award winning feature Losers Lounge in 2003 ( best Film Noir 2004 Bare Bones International Independent Film Festival ) His second feature
Somewhere In Indiana
that premiered on December 3, 2004 at the Indiana Historical Society Theater in Indianapolis Indiana to almost 600 people,
and is distributed in USA and Canada by Echelon Entertainment.


He is formerly the Director of Product Development for Adman Software. He developed four games on a TRS 80 Model I Level II in 1981, released
by the Programmer's Guild and Micro Fantasy:
Thunder Road, Deadly Dungeon, Revenge of Bolrog, and The Fortress at Times-End. He is an
award-winning wine maker and the author of a beer- making manual and in 2006 published Losers Lounge as a Novelette.

Robert Charlock (Director of Photography)

Bob has studied acting with Bryan Fonseca, Julie Powers, Rob Johansen, David Hockey and Jeffrey Sweet. He has been acting in Indianapolis for the past
five years, and his stage credits include Death of a Salesman, Cara Becoming a Woman, The Tinker, and Of Mice and Men. He has also appeared in the
films The Creole Affair, Welcome to Kentuckiana and Losers Lounge, Somewhere In Indiana and many other stage roles. Bob is a Photographer by trade.

Gerald Peterson (Assistant Director )


Gerald has worked on several screenplays and short films serving in the roles of Assistant Director and Associate Producer. He is a founding member of the
New Indy Films and Media production company which will release its debut the feature film Through A Fisheye in 2006. He has written the music for film
soundtracks and is the author of the book "The Murder of Matthew Raymonds".

Thomas Johnson (Logo Art)


Thomas has worked in the Indianapolis independent film and video community for six years. He is the primary editor for the Indianapolis based production team,
Inverted Staircase Productions. He was Editor for Somewhere In Indiana. His diverse editing experience includes work on documentaries, narrative short
films, music videos, and live events. His recent credits include the documentary Earth & Women and the music video Smack It Up for the Indianapolis-based
artist Double R, as well as many smaller productions.

Ed Kessner, (Gaffer)

Ed is retired from the Veteran’s Administration. He served as gaffer on Ripple, The Bumbling Detective and Welcome to Kentuckiana, Losers Lounge,
Somewhere In Indiana
. In his spare time, he restores antique clocks, does detailed woodworking, gold leafing, and Victorian home internal restoration and
travels. He is an excellent amateur.still photographer.

Zirque Bonner (Voice Over)

Zirque received a BA in Music Performance at Northern Arizona University. He is Director of the Music and Media Program at Verde Valley School, in
Sedona Arizona. He is an accomplished jazz bassist, composer and multi-instrumentalist who has recorded and/or performed with Brad Meldeu, Lee
Konitz, Ralf Illenberger, Chris Spheeris, Carlos Naki , Stanly Jordon and others. He is very active in the Northern Arizona music scene, and has
performed at premiere venues in NYC, Indianapolis, Sedona, Phoenix, Germany, Greece, and Morocco.

Productions Stills:


Decoding the Report, if I told you more I would have to kill you.


Reading the Report can prove deadly


Bio Don Boner-

Born: Ft.Sill, OK June 3, 1944.

Biography:) Don was raised in Nashville, Tennessee and at an early age he became very involved in the music industry. He started is own record company at age 13. He recorded, wrote, and produced many recordings for his own label. He worked with the likes of Billy Wallace, Jimmy King, and Vince Matthews.

In the mid-and late 60s, he was very active in the civil rights movement in Nashville working with the Southern Student Organizing Committee(SSOC), Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee(SNCC), Southern Conference Educational Fund.

Don moved to Indiana in 1969 where he worked in the Poverty Program and as a Deputy Sheriff, Real Estate sales, and a Computer Programmer. He worked in Information Technology for 25 years.

In 2002 he wrote and directed four short films: “Ripple”, “The Bumbling Detective”, “Welcome To Kentucky”, and “The Report” a film festival winner at the 40th annual world fast Houston International film Festival in 2007.

His movie, “Losers Lounge”, became Don’s first feature film in 2004 and it won best narrative film noir at the fifth annual Bare-Bones International Film Festival. His next feature film was “Somewhere In Indiana”, that was distributed nationally by Echelon Distributors.

In 2002, Don established his film company and wrote and directed four short films: “Ripple”, “The Bumbling Detective”, “Welcome To Kentucky”, “The Report”, which won a REMI award. His movie, “Losers Lounge”, became Don’s first feature film in 2004, won Film Noir award at the 2004 Bare Bones International Independent Film Festival. His next feature film was “Somewhere In Indiana” which premiered in Indianapolis in 2004.

In 2005, he Co-wrote a script with Chera Federle titled ‘WLAC’ that was sold to a Hollywood writer.

In 2007 Don was inducted into The Southern Legends Entertainment & Performing Arts Hall of Fame.

Screening & Awards

The Report was screened at Orange, an alternative evening art festival, in 2007


Winner The Houston International Film Festival, 2007


Official Selection Bare Bones International Film Festival, 2007


Official Selection Indiana Actors Dot Com, 2007