Movie Awards



My second short movie Welcome to Kentuckiana is very edgy satire film dealing with the absurdity of homophobia and stereotypes. Prejudice is
prejudice whether it is based on where a person lives, their dialect, their ethnic background or their ‘lifestyle’. America doesn’t have a monopoly on
homophobia but we have shamefully perfected and encouraged the practice of homophobia. This film is not making fun of folks who live in Southern
Indiana, it is examining why it seems to be ‘human nature’ to be prejudice against other people who happen to be ‘difference’. It also looks at the role
the media has played perpetuating stereotypes.

It received a Special mention in the Festival Des Champs-Elyees in 2003.

My first feature Losers Lounge is a murder mystery set in 1948 that follows the perplexing and often seedy life of a private detective who is accused
of murdering a troubled young lady with a dark history. Losers Lounge is a dark and mysterious movie that lives on the edge and tells a story of shady
characters, crooked cops, switched love and bad luck, a darker side of human nature, a film noir-style murder mystery at its best.

It won a Special Jury Award, Best Narrative Film Noir from The Bare Bones International Film Festival, 2004 and was selected as an Official Entry in
the 3'"Annual IU South Bend Independent Video &Filmmakers Festival, 2003.

My fourth short movie The Report is a semi-abstract narrative science fiction short movie about a government cover-up of evince of an advance civilization
that sent a monitoring device to Earth over two million years ago. It shows the length the government is willing to go to keep the information secret and out of
the public hands.

On one level The Report is a Science Fiction story about a computer hacker who discovers that a large Alien monitoring device burred deep the earth that was
at least two million years old. He discovered anyone who found out about the device was mysteriously killed. The hacker decided to go public with the story with
tragic consequences.

On another level the movie asks; are, we alone in the Universe? Most intelligent people think we cannot be alone, the Universe is to large for us to be the only
‘intelligent ‘life. Have other ‘beings’ visited earth before? Perhaps. How did we become human?


It won a Bronze Remi Award, Short Subject Film & Video, Science Fiction in 2007. It was also an official selection at the 2007 Bare Bones International Film
Festival and Indiana Actors Dot Com Film Festival.